Welcome! WhenWhere allows you to search your Google location history by place! Upload your Google location history in zipped KML file and you are ready to go.

History file:
Note: Upload and processing may take 30 secs or so depending on file size.

How it works

Go to Google takeout

Go here. Select to download your location history data in KML format. When it's ready, download it.

Upload the file to WhenWhere

The location history file will be processed and stored at WhenWhere. The content of KML file does not contain any personal information.

Search your history

That's it, you can search your location history. We will remeber you by cookie, so you can search you history even when you return.

Cookies usage

Cookies policy

By default we do not store any cookies on your device. Only if you upload your location history file we will create a cookie on your device. This enables you to search your history when you return without need to upload the location history file again.

Current cookie

Currently we do not have any cookieid stored.

Set cookie


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